Halar® ECTFE

Halar® ECTFE provides a unique combination of characteristics and is well established wherever corrosion protection is required, in challenging conditions.

It is broadly used for thin or thick sheets, filters, pipes and films but also for cable jacketing and encapsulation in downhole applications.

Grades are available to serve various processing techniques, from melt extrusion to direct electrostatic powder coating. Coated parts exhibit an outstanding surface smoothness, on top of Halar® ECTFE properties.

Typical properties of Halar ® ECTFE:

  • Continuous service up to 150°C
  • Outstanding resistance against gases and chemicals
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Non-flammability
  • Exceptional surface smoothness


Main coating properties:

  • High coating hardness
  • Good adhesion to substrate
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Low permeation
  • Low wettability