Hyflon® PFA

Hyflon® PFA resins are a unique family of semi-crystalline melt processable perfluoropolymers that combine excellent mechanical characteristics with novel properties such as high and very low temperature resistance, chemical inertness, inherent flame resistance, low surface energy and exceptional dielectric properties.

Hyflon® PFA resins are used in several Oil & Gas downhole applications and for corrosion protection.

Typical properties

  • Mechanical properties and dimensional stability from –200°C to 260°C
  • Excellent long-term aging resistance
  • Good flexibility and ductility even down to –100°C
  • Universal chemical resistance
  • Exceptional thermal stress crack resistance
  • Good permeation resistance
  • Excellent electrical properties and fire resistance
  • No plasticizer, no additives
  • Intrisic UV resistance
  • Good resistance to rapid gas decompression


Hyflon® PFA for Downhole Cables and Control Lines

Electro-mechanical cables carry power and data to monitor downhole operations and are exposed to harsh conditions. Hyflon® PFA provides hydrolytic stability and chemical resistance and can perform at very high temperatures.

Control lines consist of a steel tube that is encapsulated with a polymer to provide corrosion, abrasion and crush resistance. Hyflon® PFA is used extensively in this application.

Hyflon® PFA for Corrosion Protection Steel pipes transporting crude hydrocarbons are increasingly exposed to high operating temperatures, high concentrations of corrosive fluids and gases, high water cut and must be designed and protected for safe and reliable operation.

Stainless steel and corrosion-resistant alloys are well established but costly solutions, and chemical inhibitors do not always offer reliable prevention at high temperature. Used for lining, Hyflon® PFA pipes provide high temperature corrosion protection, excellent erosion and abrasion resistance, as well as excellent resistance to H2S and CO2 also in supercritical phase. Its low coefficient of friction and surface tension can also prevent wax build-up and increase flow.

Typical applications:

  • Electro-mechanical cables
  • Heater cables
  • Metal tubing encapsulation
  • Piping
  • Tank liners
  • Valve linings


Hyflon® PFA M620, Sample Type IV (thickness: 1.5 mm) acc. ASTM D638

Temperature [°C] E [MPa] Stress at Break [MPa] Strain at Break [%] (Traverse)
23 465 35.6 281
0 609 39.6 258
–20 690 41.6 232
–50 960 44.4 182
–100 2,980 55.6 22.8