Algoflon® and Polymist® PTFE

Algoflon® PTFE products offer outstanding chemical inertness in aggressive environments, thermal resistance, excellent electrical properties, and non-stick characteristics in a broad range of temperatures from cryogenic to 260°C.

Typical applications include:

  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Packers
  • Valves
  • Expansion joints
  • Pipes and fittings


Chemical resistance vs. temperature



Algoflon® PTFE mechanical properties

Temp. [°C] Yield stress [MPa] Stress at Break [MPa] Elongation at Break [MPa]
23 15 35 370
30 11 30 420
75 8 26 550
100 7 22 530
150 5 16 440
200 4 12 420
250 3 10 420
300 2 8 440


Properties Units Algoflon® PTFE
Dielectric constant   2.1
Volume resistivity Ohm·cm 1018
Dissipation factor   < 3·10–4
Dielectric strength 1 mm, KV/mm 25–30
Flammability   V-0
Limit Oxygen Index (LOI) % > 95

Algoflon® L and Polymist® micronized powders are used as additives for coatings and greases in the Oil & Gas industry.

These materials are low molecular weight PTFE powders with small particle sizes that are used as additives in many different applications to enhance processing or end-use performance characteristics.

Polymist® powders, obtained through suspension polymerization, are composed of compact particles having sizes designed for the final application. Algoflon® L powders, obtained through dispersion polymerization, are agglomerates of smaller primary particles and for this reason they have higher specific surface area than Polymist® powders. All these micronized powders can be used at temperatures from –260°C to 260°C and have been designed to be easily dispersed in dry or liquid media.