Energy Recovery in Waste Management

As societies around the world adopt greener practices, the substantial shift in behavior puts pressure on many industries to follow suit. The industrial sector has responded by developing processes that turn industrial and municipal waste into reusable energy. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the specialty polymers business, Solvay’s highly effective corrosion prevention solutions offer a high performing alternative to protect heat exchangers and stacks, effectively extend the service life of chimneys and deliver cost benefits for power plants.

Solvay’s highly effective corrosion prevention solutions offer a high performing alternative to protect heat exchangers and stacks.

A Better Alternative for Corrosion Prevention

Our high-end specialty polymer linings are formulated to provide a robust and flexible prevention alternative to specialty alloys, the current market standard. These products stand up to the corrosive environment created when Waste to Energy (WtE) plants burn waste to produce various forms of energy a process that generates a highly aggressive chemical and temperature environment within the plant’s chimney stacks. Typically, plants use flue gas desulphurization (FGD) units to abate dangerous sulfur dioxide gas emissions. These FGD units typically contain very corrosive components such as SO2 /SO3, HCI, NH3 and HF.


Solvay’s corrosion resistant lining sheets meet a wide range of critical performance requirements and are suitable for highly demanding industrial equipment applications combining resistance to corrosion, extreme temperatures and aggressive chemicals. In addition, we make it a priority to collaborate closely with our customers to find the best balance between various performance factors to meet the needs of each application.

Halar® ECTFE for Long-Lasting Performance

Polymer has been used for coatings and linings for more than 35 years in a wide variety of industries. Known as the ideal corrosion resistant material, it delivers long-lasting performance, inhibits the accumulation of particles and metallic salts and reduces the formation of biorganic films and bacterial colonies.

  • Partially fluorinated polymer
  • Exceptional surface smoothness
  • Outstanding permeation resistance
  • Service temperature from cryogenic up to 150°C


Halar® ECTFE Permeation Resistance



Hyflon® PFA for Thermal and Chemical Resistance

  • Fully fluorinated polymer
  • Unprecedented combination of chemical, thermal and creep resistance
  • Continuous use temperature up to 260°C
  • Allows continuous operation of heat exchanger modules for more than 60,000 hours

This polymer offers the highest temperature rating and broadest chemical resistance of all commercial, melt-processable fluoropolymers. These outstanding qualities all lead to a remarkably long service life.

Solef® PVDF for Cost-Effective Performance

For more than 20-years, experts have turned to this Solvay polymer as a highly cost-effective alternative to both Corrosion-Resistant Alloys (CRA) and specialty coatings. Its corrosion resistant quality helps prolong the service life of new and existing pipe assets and significantly reduces the need for inspection, maintenance, downtime and the use of chemical corrosion inhibitors and other chemicals.

  • Partially fluorinated polymer
  • Highly cost-effective alternative helps reduce the need for inspection, maintenance, downtime and use of additional chemicals
  • Mechanical properties and dimensional stability from –20°C up to 150°C

Tecnoflon® FKM & PFR FFKM for High Resistance

The extremely corrosion resistant quality of this polymer makes it ideal for use in industrial applications to produce rubber seals and flexible hoses. Whether acid or steam, Tecnoflon resists chemicals at high temperatures up to 300° C. This fully fluorinated polymer also boasts long service life.

  • Fully fluorinated polymer
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Heat stability and resistance to steam and acids up to 300°C
  • Tunable hardness and mechanical properties