Minimum Fiber Breakage

High molecular weight Specialty Polymer grades improve fiber strength to provide the toughness and the chemical resistance to help membranes tolerate a variety of feed streams and cleaning methods with minimum fiber breakage.




Solef® PVDF for Hollow, Flat Sheet and Tubular Membranes

Solef® PVDF chemical resistance is key in the cleaning process of these “spaghetti” filaments which contain Solef® PVDF hollow fiber membranes with an average of 0.5mm pore size. They are typically immersed in a tank containing waste water and are capable of removing bacteria, algae and other organic components from water.



Solef® PVDF has the solubility, purity and range of molecular weight needed to make hollow fiber, flat sheet and tubular membranes with the pore size and separation selectivity needed.

  • Excellent toughness and durability
  • Easy to form microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes
  • Stable at pH levels from 1 to 11
  • Outstanding chlorine and UV resistance
  • High purity and high crystallinity
  • Global agency approvals