Specialty Polymers for Sporting Goods and Equipment

With the broadest portfolio of specialty polymers solutions, Solvay’s scientists supply sporting goods manufacturers with materials to promote desirable qualities such as increased modulus, low moisture absorption, lightweighting benefits, impact strength and more. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-performance polymers and elastomers, Solvay has a wide-ranging experience in equipping manufacturers with the ideal materials in a variety of demanding applications. Sporting goods producers can rely on material solutions from Solvay to promote outstanding end-use products for the most demanding sporting applications.

As the sporting goods industry continues to evolve, equipment manufacturers must be able to adapt and provide innovative solutions for the most significant challenges in high-performance sporting environments. Today’s athletes have unique requirements from their equipment, including the need for higher modulus, outstanding strength and stiffness and engaging aesthetics. Solvay’s global development team is ready to develop ideal material solutions that offer tangible end-use benefits as well as processing improvements in a range of sporting goods applications. 

Solvay’s high-performance polymers and elastomers help manufacturers meet the complex needs of end-use sporting goods consumers. Our portfolio of materials gives sports equipment producers flexibility and reliable performance as they create the highest-quality products for today’s top athletes. Solvay’s range of materials for sporting goods and equipment include Ixef® PARA, Omnix® HPPA, XencorTM LFT Compounds, Tecnoflon® FKM, Solef® PVDF, KetaSpire® PEEK and AvaSpire® PAEK. These specialty elastomers and plastics offer manufacturers versatility as they develop sporting goods and equipment ranging from the highest-performance, top-tier products to mid-range consumer goods. 



Outstanding Performance

High-performance sporting applications require high-performance materials. Solvay offers sporting goods producers high-quality polymers that translate to outstanding end-use performance in sports equipment. With higher modulus, low moisture absorption, impressive strength, reduced noise and vibration and lightweight benefits, Solvay’s materials offer reliable properties for a range of sporting goods and equipment. We meet the performance needs of a range of sports manufacturers, from top-tier sporting goods to mid-range, reliable equipment. For example, XencorTM LFT Compounds exhibit excellent stiffness, impact strength and dynamic fatigue performance for a range of applications. In other products like sporting watch bands, Tecnoflon® FKM offers tensile strength, elongation at break, hardness and a soft, silky feel for improved consumer experience.


Reliable Safety

Performance is essential in sporting goods and equipment, but excellent product performance is only complete if materials also contribute to reliable safety. Solvay’s materials promote impact resistance, noise and vibration reduction and stiffness so end-users can feel confident in the stability and safety of their sporting goods. Additionally, Solvay’s specialty polymers for sporting applications promote lightweight and durable products that maintain mechanical performance for improved user safety. Ixef® PARA and Omnix® HPPA exhibit reliable strength and stiffness and can be used in combination with XencorTM LFT Compounds for enhanced stability and performance.


Unmatched Aesthetics

In addition to outstanding performance and dependable safety features, materials used in sporting goods must also be visually appealing and convey value. Solvay’s materials for demanding sports applications offer necessary performance qualities while also ensuring unmatched aesthetic benefits. For example, Solvay’s Ixef® PARA and Omnix® HPPA exhibit an excellent surface finish that is ideal for painting and metallization, depending on producers’ needs and the desires of end-use consumers.


Improved Processing and Sustainability

In every industry, manufacturers and consumers benefit from more efficient processing operations. With polymers suitable for injection molding in thin-walled parts and improved recyclability and sustainability initiatives, Solvay’s materials for sporting goods and equipment improves processing and design flexibility to benefit manufacturers and produce more desirable goods for consumers. Our materials promote reduced waste, innovative designs and recyclable products for more effective processing.