Solvay offers an advanced portfolio of materials that meet the varied needs of sporting equipment manufacturers. With multifunctional products that address a wide range of performance requirements for sporting goods, Solvay’s specialty polymers and elastomers can deliver the most desirable qualities in consumer sporting equipment. From increased modulus and excellent impact strength to low moisture absorption and lightweighting benefits, Solvay’s materials for sporting goods translate to outstanding end-use performance. Our global development team is ready to help our partners find ideal material solutions in the sports industry.


Ixef® PARA 

Ixef® PARA is a polyarylamide that offers a desirable combination of strength and aesthetics for sporting applications where impressive visuals are necessary. By providing a resin-rich surface that is highly polished for easier painting and metallization, Ixef® PARA is the ideal material for aesthetic applications and also provides reliable tensile and flexural strength. When produced with glass fiber reinforcement from products like XencorTM PARA LFT Compounds, this material exhibits remarkable strength and rigidity. Additionally, this specialty polymer is an extremely high-flow resin which allows for increasingly complex, innovative and intricate consumer goods. 

Key Features:

  • Outstanding aesthetics
  • Impressive strength and durability
  • High-flow for complex and intricate designs


Omnix® HPPA

This family of high-performance polyamides provides better strength and stiffness, superior dimensional stability and lower warpage than conventionally used PA66. Omnix® HPPA promotes efficient, cost-competitive manufacturing processes in a range of sporting goods applications. With impressive aesthetic properties, reliable durability and strength and excellent resistance properties, Solvay’s family of Omnix® HPPA polyamides gives manufacturers flexibility as they develop sporting equipment with a range of performance options.

Key Features:

  • High strength and stiffness
  • Superior dimensional stability compared to conventionally used PA66
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance 


XencorTM LFT Compounds

The family of XencorTM long fiber thermoplastics (LFT) includes innovative products designed for challenging metal replacement applications. The glass fiber network developed with XencorTM compounds forms a strong fiber skeleton during the injection molding process to promote ideal thermal and mechanical performance. XencorTM LFT Compounds eliminate the need for additional finishing steps and optimize desirable properties for sporting good applications, including dimensional stability, stiffness and impact strength and low creep. 

Key Features:

  • Outstanding stiffness, strength, durability and dimensional stability
  • Streamlined processing and fast cycle times
  • Ideal for applications that require noise and vibration reduction


Tecnoflon® FKM

As a family of fluoroelastomers, Tecnoflon® FKM products offer manufacturers unmatched performance, with high chemical resistance and reliable performance in demanding applications. Compared to other elastomers, Tecnoflon® FKM exhibits superior tensile strength, improved elongation at break, excellent hardness and a soft and silky touch. In a variety of sports equipment and consumer goods, Tecnoflon® FKM products provide flexibility, resistance to sweat and UV exposure and processing benefits like moldability and colorability for long-lasting and reliable performance. 

Key Features:

  • Unmatched chemical resistance properties for an elastomer
  • Tremendous tensile strength 
  • Excellent aesthetics and sensory properties


Solef® PVDF

Solef® PVDF offers unique transparency benefits that are ideal for specific sporting applications, such as fishing lines. Specifically, sporting goods that benefit from transparency but must also ensure reliable strength and durability may benefit from Solef® PVDF. This specialty polymer promotes excellent product quality and consistency, robust mechanical properties and improved weathering properties. 

Key Features:

  • Impressive resistance to UV radiation and aging
  • Aesthetic benefits like transparency
  • Reliable strength and durability


KetaSpire® PEEK & AvaSpire® PAEK

KetaSpire® PEEK and AvaSpire® PAEK are unique polyketones designed to replace metal in the most extreme environments. With exceptional fatigue and chemical resistance combined with excellent mechanical properties, KetaSpire® PEEK and AvaSpire® PAEK are suitable for the most demanding sporting applications. These high-performance specialty polymers maintain strength and stiffness even in harsh thermal and chemical conditions. 

Key Features:

  • Best in class mechanical properties
  • Outstanding strength and chemical resistance
  • Ideal for metal replacement in the most extreme environments