Sharing our Corporate Social Responsibility requirements with our suppliers


We aim to create stable and reliable with our suppliers based on trust and shared values.  

The Solvay Way – “doing business, being responsible” – is our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Solvay Way is fully embedded in the global Solvay Purchasing Process, and we evaluate our progress annually in three areas. With the Solvay Way, we ensure that we:


Define prerequisites and integrate them into the supplier selection process


At the Procurement function, we apply a single methodology worldwide to qualify, select and evaluate suppliers for each tender. We assess suppliers’ CSR level through a Solvay questionnaire. Furthermore, the template for the contracts we send out to suppliers includes a CSR clause and a reference to the Supplier Code of Conduct. We also invite suppliers to have an assessment performed by a third party certified by the Together for Sustainability association.


Evaluate buyers’ CSR performance


At Solvay, we regularly organize specific CSR training sessions for buyers. We integrate sustainability into their day-to-day relationships with suppliers, for example through the Every Buyer Every Visit Programme.


Manage and assess suppliers’ CSR performance and optimize relationships  


We continually assess suppliers’ performance and recognize the top performing suppliers.  

The Solvay CSR questionnaire allows us to get a good understanding of a new supplier’s CSR maturity. Third-party assessments allow us to obtain objective and transparent knowledge of a supplier’s CSR performance, especially for our critical suppliers.

If needed, corrective actions are requested and followed up.

Solvay manages its Purchasing and Supply Chain in the spirit of fairness to all stakeholders incorporating requirements, specifications and criteria that safeguard and enhance the environment and social progress, and that promote economic growth.

Solvay therefore commits to the following Responsible Purchasing and Sustainable Supply Chain Statement.


Given the growing demand for palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives, Solvay strongly disapproves of unsustainable practices and therefore commits to the following Sustainable Sourcing Statement.

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All buyers operate in full compliance with the Solvay Way, the Group’s corporate social responsibility guidelines. We require our employees to act in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards. Similarly, we are determined to work with suppliers who are committed to the same principles of sustainability and ethical behavior. To make our expectations clear, we have adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct.

Solvay places the utmost importance on these values when deciding to enter into and/or continue relations with suppliers, and they are therefore included in every purchasing contract.

Solvay is a founding member of "Together for Sustainability" (TfS). Its purpose is to develop and implement a global program to assess and improve sustainability practices within chemical industry supply chains with respect to the environment, labor and human rights, health and safety, and fair business practices.

Together for Sustainability selects certified external service providers to perform sustainability assessments and/or on-site audits. This ensures high quality and transparency and avoids duplicate audits and assessments, as the results are shared among TfS members through a collaborative platform. This arrangement gives our partners a big incentive to accelerate their CSR practices.

With this agreement, Solvay commits to respect international social standards as defined by the International Labor Organization and to comply with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact in all of its operations worldwide.