Project Technologies

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The LIFE VANECO project is a demonstration project aiming at bridging the gap between successful technology experiments in laboratory and technology implementation at pre-industrial scale.

The pre-industrial scale of the project is the result of:

  • Solvay’s R&I teams who have been working on this new process technology for the past 5 years as illustrated in the patents

  • The necessity for Industry to have the demonstration and the validation at a relevant scale to demonstrate the feasibility, resilience and reliability of the techniques
        The building of a full scale demonstrator to assess the process performances will represent a step forward to validate at a full pre-industrial scale the implementation of the technology.

        This will be used to demonstrate:

        • The new eco-efficient process considered to exemplify improvements for cases of Oxidation/Condensation reactions to the case of Vanillin process

        • Avoidance at source of the formation of salts in the vanillin process and purification treatment to enable salts commercial valorization