Vaneco Project

Reduction of energy consumption and salt co-production during oxidation and condensation reactions

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Objectives of the project:

The chemical industry’s goals are to reduce its own emissions by improving its processes*.
  1. reducing the energy consumption
  2.  minimizing co-produced effluents (such as salts)
  3. using environmental-friendly solvents

*[Innovations for Greenhouse Gas Reduction, July 2009, ICCA]
Thanks to the combination of the 2 first ways mentioned above, the LIFE VANECO project aims at demonstrating the use of innovative technologies during the reactions of Oxidation and Condensation, in order to reduce their environmental impacts.

These two reactions are used in many chemical industries (petrochemical monomers like olefins, resins, and polycondensates PET/PA/PU; agrochemicals; pharmaceuticals and fine organic chemistries sectors). They consume a lot of energy and generate important quantities of saline co-product aqueous effluents.
The project will allow the demonstration and validation of solutions:
  1. to reduce the energy consumptions by 21% at the industrial scale
  2. to avoid at source by 80% to 100% the formation of salts at a pilot scale