Frequently Asked Questions

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When and how can I apply for the competition?

The registrations are open until the 29th of October 2017 23:59. The application should be filled online by the team leader (a student). In the application form, Students will have to upload the approval letter of their mentor. Students should stay in the "lead" of the process.

What are the travel requirements? Do the teams need to travel to Solvay headquarters to present their results?

No. Since Additive Manufacturing aims to decentralize production, the competition will be completed remotely. Moreover, it would be very difficult for you to ship your printer to our headquarter: you will have to re-parameter it and retest everything. Therefore, we will visit the winners. There will be an official announcement about the winners.

Will you give the prize directly to the student?

Yes. The prize will be handed to the team leader. The prizes should aim at either an academic, entrepreneurial or societal purpose. The teams should precise during the last round for which purpose they will use the prize money.

How many teams can a university have?

2 Maximum. You will have to compete against the world's best universities in AM. Therefore, to be sure that your team has the right combination of skills and resources, 2 teams (maximum) from your university will be selected. Solvay reserves the right to refuse applications if the overall number of teams participating to the competition has been reached.

How many members can a team have?

As many as you want. However make sure that each members has an active role within your team.

Can a team have more than one adviser?

Yes. Teams can have as many advisers as they want. However, they should all stick to a passive role into the competition.

Will Solvay provide the characterization documents to the teams?

Partially. We will provide -as confidential information- the melting point, the crystallization temperature and probably the TGA, which are necessary in 3D printing. For other information about the material, you will need to ask Solvay for permission to proceed with the tests. Solvay has the right to refuse.