Raise the commitment of employees to 80%

The men and women who work at Solvay are the Group’s most important asset. Their level of commitment is a key factor for Solvay.

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People commitment can be defined as:
  • the degree to which employees think, feel and act in ways that represent high levels of enthusiasm and commitment to the stakeholders of the organization;
  • the extent to which employees are willing to contribute their knowledge, skills, abilities, and effort to help an organization succeed

Solvay's Engagement Index measures the commitment of employees in a Group-wide triennial survey addressing everyone. In 2015, it was 75%. The objective is to lift it to 80% by 2025, measuring 5 aspects:  pride in working at Solvay; quality of work environment; overall satisfaction; motivation; and attachment to the company. 

In order to achieve that objective, the Group will seek to improve recognition & rewards, develop people, to foster work/life balance and an inclusive culture.
“People are the biggest asset of the company. If we want to step up and be stronger and better, we must have a workforce that is incredibly engaged.” 

                                                                                                  Vincent De Cuyper
                                                                                                    Comex Member