Developing constructive and sustainable dialogue

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Out of respect for our host regions, we make every effort to ensure that our sites are well integrated into the surrounding communities. We are continuously improving our industrial risk management processes, and more generally, our supply chain process. We share our accident and nuisance prevention efforts with local residents and other local stakeholders. Our first commitment: to disseminate transparent, explicit information in a proactive manner.

With Solvay Way, we have committed to: 

Ensuring the integration of entities within their territories 

  • We ensure the integration of communities by really listening to what they have to say. We have communication & dialogue initiatives in many sites like open doors, neighborhood newspapers, discussions with journalists, and participation in association meetings.  
  • We sponsor an XperiLAB truck  – a roving educational science facility in Belgium that can accommodate a whole class of pupils to carry out real experiments and encourage fun learning.

Controlling industrial risks related to entities’ presence in their territories 

  • All of our facilities have procedures and resources to protect the health and well-being of people in the neighborhood, including managing air quality, groundwater and noise exposure. Emergency preparation and public information plans are deployed at all major-risk sites.

Controlling supply chain risks and prevent accidents 

  • We carry out and improve transport safety, notably through implementation of the Cefic guidelines on best practices in transport and logistics operations, in dialogue with our logistic service providers.

In action

The Solvay Massa Site Manager, Ing. Pasquale Casaburo, accompanied by Dr. Dante Cesaretti (Specialist in Occupational Medicine) and Dr. Gianni Carnesecca (HR the plant) visited the Massa State School "Malaspina Staffetti" to deliver a special gift on the occasion of the Christmas holidays The gift was a next-generation defibrillator, missing from the safety equipment necessary to the school.
The gift was greatly appreciated: the boys opened the package with curiosity and enthusiasm, nevertheless hoping only to use it for necessary exercises and never in real cases. 

Princeton's Thanksgiving Drive is making sure local families have food on their holiday tables.  Princeton employees donated 60 plus Solvay tote bags of food and collected over $1,000 in gift cards for Rise and Mount Carmel Guild two of the charities benefiting from this year's drive.

The Sustainable Development team and 40 volunteers from the 2017 Solvay Way seminar in Brussels  created a relaxation areas for the residents and especially for their children.   They had a green area available but it was not practicable... They built wooden bins to plant 4 vegetable gardens. They also installed a black screen in front of the ground, giving a little privacy to this space. They also donated backpacks, jackets and sweets to those passing residents. 

Everyone at Solvay is familiar with the name “Yinxing Migrant School”. And this is the eighth year in a row that Solvay China makes donation to the School.  Every year, our unceasing love and care was delivered to the children at Yinxing through Solvay representatives. This year, GBU Aroma Performance, GBU Special Chem, Solvay Energy Service, Solvay China Trade Union, HR, R&I, HSE and as well as colleagues from China Communication participated in this event, donating a total of 4,259 yuan and stationery collected from 2017 Solvay China Open Day to the School. In addition, Taste Lab of Aroma Performance introduced the kids to the tasteful vanilla world. 
We wish the children will grow healthily and happily with the help from Solvay!

These initiatives, among many others, help build the strong community relationships enjoyed by our sites across the globe.