The need for sustainability in the market places

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From a sustainability standpoint and a consumer perspective, is our product used in applications that are part of the solutions or part of the problems?

The assessment is conducted at Product-Application Combination - PAC, level (eg: glass-reinforced polyamide in circuit-breakers). A 40+ items questionnaire thoroughly evaluates PACs against a comprehensive list of benefits and obstacles. Answers are supported by external authoritative evidence (government bodies, supra-national organizations - OECD, UNEP …, customer black list of products, ...).

To rank high, a product must serve an application that demonstrates at least one direct, significant and measurable benefit to the market. 

A decision-tree prevents any kind of complacency. For example, Toxicity beats Carbon: a PAC reducing greenhouse gases emissions while inducing exposure to hazardous substances in use phase will be poorly classified (“part of the problems, not of the solutions”).

Significant strategic decisions are made relying on these assessments. SPM has therefore been designed to be fully auditable (dedicated IS, joint assessment experts / business teams, external audit).