Kalix® high-performance polyamides (HPPA) - Biobased plastics

An increasing number of customers are looking to reduce the carbon footprint of their product in order to address the climate change challenges.

Bio-based material sourcing is part of the solution by presenting a lower carbon footprint and at the same time a renewable material which addresses the challenges for finite fossil resources.


Kalix® HPPA, bio sourced material solutions for electronic devices

Kalix® high-performance polyamides (HPPA) are glass fiber filled compounds, designed for structural components used in smart mobile electronic devices. They provide high strength, rigidity, low water absorption, and a high-quality surface finish along with improved processing.

Bio-based Kalix® HPPA offers the same performance as petro-based products.


Benefits for the planet, benefits for all:

  • Circular economy: Bio-based Kalix® grades which bio-content varies in between 25% and 60% and fully bio-sourced Kalix® grades with 100% bio content.

  • Regulations: Kalix® HPPA will help to meet the increasingly stringent efficiency and fuel economy regulations.


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