Lubricants industry


Can your anti-wear protection use a boost?

New regulatory standards, growing environmental concerns, and the impending shift toward alternative transportation solutions are factors rapidly transforming the lubricant industry. Formulation options around using traditional lubricant additives and compositions are shrinking, thanks to more stringent regulations on fuel efficiency and emissions; tougher restrictions on waste management; and increasing limitations on the use of heavy metals, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. 

Solvay has been actively working to enhance existing technologies and develop new innovations in lubricant additives that combine enhanced performance with milder classifications.

    Watch now our on-demand webinar to know how!

    Title: Introducing Polymeric Anti-wear Technology for High-performance Solutions

    Duration: 1 hour


    This webinar will introduce formulators to: 

    • The growing and complex challenges faced by the lubricants industry,
    • Solvay’s next generation of anti-wear solutions designed to meet the challenges of developing ashless, sulfur-free and low phosphorus technologies.