Feel better with clothing made from Emana®


New clothes make many people feel better. With Emana®, a smart fiber invented by Solvay, this is more than just a feeling. Your lingerie, sportswear and even your jeans can contribute to your wellbeing. 


How? Garments incorporating Emana® improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of cellulite. In sportswear, it reduces muscle fatigue and helps athletes recover faster. These benefits have been demonstrated by extensive scientific studies. They have shown that bioactive minerals embedded in yarn absorb heat from the human body. The minerals rebound far infrared rays (FIR) back to the skin, delivering everlasting effect, even after unlimited washes.

Emana® yarn has all benefits from the characteristics of polyamide 6.6, such as soft touch, easy care, resistance and elasticity. It’s also OEKO-TEX certified, since no harmful substances are present in the product. 


Solvay’s Emana®, smart yarn winner of the ICIS Innovation Awards 2014 for Best Product Innovation, represents a true breakthrough in fabric technology. More than 20 Solvay researchers in fields including chemistry, textiles, physics, sports physiology, cosmetics and biology were involved in the creation of Emana®, as well as many external partners including customers, academic institutes and universities.