Govanil™ – A unique savor with unprecedented properties


Govanil™, our award winning new generation of functional vanilla flavors, offers unique properties to bakery, pastries, cakes and chocolate products thanks to its taste intensity which is up to 20 percent more intense than standard vanilla flavors.


Govanil™ opens functional opportunities built, for instance, on its ability to boost chocolate features, mask off-notes in high protein nutrition applications or compensate the taste for sugar or fat reduction in food ingredients recipes. Our food technologists provide support to professionals by focusing on the development of their formulations to fine tune the use of Govanil™ to achieve the perfect taste.


Our range includes Govanil™ Natural – with its sweet and authentic taste is naturally obtained from renewable sources – which meets the requirements of European and American regulations for natural products labeling. 


Our laboratories in Lyon, Shanghai and Singapore also concentrate on adapting flavors to meet regional consumers’ specific tastes.