September 2018 - In September 2018, STIMUL project team visited the corn and soybean fields trials located in Italy. In total, in two days, 4 soybean trials located in Udine region and 3 corn trials located close to Turin were visited. The different trials visited were sowed between the 19/04/18 and 09/05/18. This year we decided to visit the italian trials only few weeks before harvest in order to perform observations on developed plants with an established root system. For these visits the project team was accompanied by the different field technicians that were in charge of the trial during the season.

The visit of the field trials is essential for the project to ensure that the trial protocols are well understood by the contractor and to assess the agronomic performances especially the influence of the biostimulants on the development of root system. For each trial, some plants were pulled out to make clear observations of the root system. In a systematic way, for corn and soybean, longer and more dense root systems were observed with the biostimulant treatment as highlighted by the picture of corn plants. We hope that such more developed root systems will trigger at the end a higher yield.

Solvay - STIMUL - Maps - Italy
Solvay - STIMUL - Competition - Italy