February 2018 - The STIMUL project team had the occasion to explore the French countryside in order to visit the different wheat and rapeseed trials located in France. Three trials were conducted in France for both crops. France is the first producer of wheat and rapeseed in Europe with almost 25% of the European production.


Carte colza blé


In February 2018, the STIMUL project team has visited three rapeseed trials and one wheat trial. For all these trials, three biostimulant seed treatments are compared to an untreated reference. The different trials visited were sowed between the 23/08/2017 and the 16/10/2017. At the time of the visit, the plants were at the ideal stage for observations. This year very good climatic conditions were observed just after sowing that entail a good emergence. Good climatic conditions were also observed during winter so in general the plants were well developed.

The project team performed an assessment of the plant diameter during the trial visits to evaluate the influence of the biostimulant seed treatments on this parameter.