Solvay demonstrates its commitment to sustainable development through important innovative efforts aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of our own activities (such as resource efficiency, emission reduction, treatment of effluents) or those of our customers or consumers. 

When scaling up to pilot or industrial scale these innovations developed in our R&I labs, however, our businesses often face a real challenge.

The LIFE+ program supports Solvay’s efforts to strengthen this demonstration phase and to ensure Solvay’s continued reliance on strong, European-based, competitive industrial assets.

Young plant growing


Seed Treatments to keep Inputs at Minimum Use Level.

Green battery full charge

LIFE+ GLEE Project

The aim of this project is to develop and demonstrate a sustainable technology for the manufacturing of Li-ion battery.

Side view of turning vehicle


Solvay in partnership with SOGEFI co-develops the demonstration and validation of an innovative on-board automatic fuel additives storage and dosing system for diesel vehicles.


Loop Life Project

The project will address recycling phosphor powders contained in energy-saving lamps.


Rhodiasolv® IRIS project

Solvay has received support from the European Commission’s LIFE+ program and from ADEME for the industrial development pilot demonstration of its eco-friendly solvent Rhodiasolv® IRIS.

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The Axel’One collaborative innovation platform hosts and supports collaborative R&D projects as well as VSEs/SMEs, in the chemistry and environment sector.