ARAI Campus, Pune, India - January 18th/21st 2017 - Solvay Special Chem participated in the Symposium on International Automotive Technology 2017 (SIAT 2017) organized by ARAI in association with the SAE International in January. The theme of SIAT 2017 was “Smart, Safe & Sustainable Mobility” keeping in tune with latest trends and future challenges being faced by the automotive community. 



Solvay presented the great interest of On-board fuel additives as a "cost-effective and robust solution to address the BS-6 requirements for diesel vehicles" (Paper 2017-26-0127).  

The important points emphasized during the presentation were the benefits of on-board fuel additives that can reduce vehicles emissions, fuel compatibility issues and simplify thermal management that leads to fuel economy and then CO2 emissions reductions. As a cost effective approach and  robust technology, on-board fuel additives are particularly attractive for the Indian market.

Side meeting showed the interest of our approach to address the new regulatory requirements as India leapfrogs from EURO-4 directly to EURO-6 from 2019, with a plan to move to EURO-6.c/RDE from 2023.