Expected results


Based on an emission reduction potential per vehicle of 10g CO2/km, 1.36 million tons of CO2 can be saved in Europe for an annual production of 8 million diesel-powered vehicles (with an estimated annual mileage of around 17,000 km).


Achieved results


The E-SIS® system was successfully developed for two on-board fuel additives (Eolys PowerFlex® and EasyFlex®); 

It is perfectly adapted to the application of new vehicles, especially if its integration is a part of the series development phase; 

It has been optimized to obtain a better reliability and precision in its dosing function: this property is essential to ensure a good autonomy of the system in the vehicles;

E-SIS® can also be used on existing diesel vehicles ("Retrofit").








LIFE AUTO project has also led to the development of EasyFlex®. Its complementarity with Eolys PowerFlex®, allows covering all diesel vehicules, placed in service since 1998.

Within the scope of retrofit applications, for example, a first preconditioning phase in the “high dosage” version will allow the engine to recover its initial performance, then to continue in “low dosage”, in order to maintain that recovered performance. 

The type of additive could also be switched during maintenance and service in order to increase the robustness of the performance, given the particular use of a vehicle.




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