LIFE AUTO will demonstrate the feasibility of a unique environment-friendly system, replacing the current diesel fuel filter, the additive tank and the dosing pump, with no or limited connection to the ECU of the vehicle. It will improve fuel efficiency and compatibility with biofuels, and reduce emissions of diesel engines. The project targets passenger cars and light-duty vehicles below 3.5 t, and Industrial and Off-Road Applications with similar size engines. Part of the innovation is the development of new fuel additives to overcome (bio)fuel issues such as fouling of key elements of the engine and reduced performance.


The system will increase the efficiency and durability of the most advanced exhaust after treatment technologies (DPF, SCR), and help the automotive industry enter new market areas by adding flexibility into the vehicle:

  • DPF regeneration reliability, especially in cold operation (city driving, delivery services)
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced oil dilution and engine wear, increasing due to biodiesel
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by limiting in particular the fuel demand for DPF regeneration, adding more flexibility in the exhaust emissions technologies layout (SCR+DPF) allowing high combustion efficiency and facilitating a large blending of biofuels
  • Reduce emissions and pollutants to keep the fuel injection system and components clean


Dosing System


The unit developed in LIFE AUTO project consists in a simplified storage and dosing system integrated  in a Diesel fuel filter to dispense a fuel additive into the fuel stream for Diesel vehicles. This compact on-board dosing system will deliver fuel additive for diesel emissions controls and fuel quality improvements.




The system, integrated within the fuel filter is composed of: 

  • an additive dosing unit, that ensure additive delivery to the fuel tank
  • a fuel filter module, that ensure the function of a conventional fuel filter
  • an additive cartridge, to store the fluid over the targeted system lifetime


Fuel Improver Additive


Additive formulation developed in LIFE AUTO project will ensure an improved operating engine. Modern diesel engine technologies, that support lower fuel consumption (lower CO2emissions) and less pollutants emissions, are also more and more sensitive. Particularly, injectors can be strongly damaged by fuel deposit, especially in case of fuels containing biofuel. In these conditions, interest for additive package dedicated to solve these issues and specifically developed for on-board dosing system is constantly growing.