March 2017 - During two days, the STIMUL field trials in England were visited by project team members. For the first campaign, two trials were implanted in England for wheat and two trials for rapeseed. The trials were located in the county Norfolk in East Anglia, a traditional region for rapeseed and wheat cultivation.

For these trials, 4 modalities of biostimulant products were tested including the untreated reference. In total the 4 trials visited correspond to 64 microplots. The visit of the field trials is essential for the project to ensure that the trial protocols are well understood by the contractor and to assess the agronomic performances.

For rapeseed and wheat, the end of winter and beginning of spring is a good period to visit trials as it corresponds to the regrowth of vegetation after winter.

For all the trials, the parcel is divided in two parts: one with standard fertilizer input and the second one with low cultural practices. The objective is to evaluate if the biostimulant treatments can compensate the lower intrants amount in terms of plant health. The answer to this question is expected by the end of July with the harvest!

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