October 2017 - The STIMUL project team has participated in October 2017 to the event “La Fête de la Science” organized by Solvay Research and Innovation Center in Aubervilliers. At this occasion, the R&I center welcomed two classes of high school students from Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône in the framework of the 26th edition of “La Fête de la Science”. This event that was organized nationally from the 7th to 15th of October 2017 aims to enable the large public to discover and love the sciences through 6000 free animations, expositions and conferences across France. 
The STIMUL project team seized this opportunity to present the project aims and first results to a large audience in a ludic way. It was a great exercise of communication for the project team that is not used to disseminate the project objectives to such a young public. A simple and quick experiment was realized in front of the students to make them understand the role of the formulator and process engineer during the development of our seed treatment formulation. To demonstrate them the properties of the biostimulant seed treatment, on-going germination tests were presented to them highlighting the performances of the biostimulant to boost the development of the root system. 

Solvay - STIMUL - Fete de la science