March 2019 - As for the last three years, the main objective of the project team for the beginning of the year is to organize the next field trials campaign. In 2019, we are organizing the fourth field trials campaign of Life STIMUL project to assess biostimulant performances in low input conditions. Initially, three campaigns of field trials were planned during the duration of project and the end date of the project was July 2019.  Finally the project was extended two more years and will end in July 2021. The extension of the project will permit to lead a 2nd and 3rd campaigns of field trials on sunflower and beetroot (crops that were introduced in 2018) and so to gather reliable data on biostimulant performances necessary for the commercialization of the product.
The main objective of the fourth trials campaign is to gather more agronomic results on the best performing biostimulant seed treatments identified with the previous campaigns. In 2019 spring campaign, field trials on sunflower, beetroot, corn and soybean will be conducted all over Europe. Regarding winter crops, we will this year focus on wheat trials with regions sensible to hydric stress.
In total, for 2019 campaign, 73 trials are organized in France, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Spain and Greece.

Solvay STIMUL - 2019 field trials campaign