Solvay Additive Manufacturing Cup Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction  

Solvay Additive Manufacturing Cup challenges university student and young professional teams from all over the world to design a 3D printed real-world industrial application. Solvay is offering a total of 5 000€ (five thousand euros) in prizes for the best person or team. In addition, an Ultimaker 2+ Connect printer and a high-profile tour of L'Oréal’s production facilities is offered.

Solvay Additive Manufacturing Cup (hereafter the “Competition”) is an international competition, organized by Solvay Specialty Polymers Germany GmbH in partnership with Ultimaker and L'Oréal (hereafter the “Project Management Committee”).

Solvay Specialty Polymers Germany is a limited liability company headquartered in Hans-Boeckler Allee D-30173 Hannover, Germany (hereafter “Solvay”) and part of the Solvay group.

Ultimaker is a 3D printer-manufacturing company based in the Netherlands, with offices and assembly line in the US, and makes, amongst others, FFF 3D printers, develops 3D printing software and sells 3D printing materials.

L'Oréal S.A. is a French cosmetic company headquartered in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine with a registered office in Paris.

By applying (see section 4), you are unconditionally agreeing to the terms & conditions hereunder. Please make sure you read them fully and accurately before proceeding with the application.


2. Objectives

The objectives of the Competition are to i) give students and young professionals interested in additive manufacturing the opportunity to actually solve problems at the point where material science, mechanical science and computer science meet, as well as to ii) recognize young professionals and students’ problem-solving capabilities in the field of 3D printing.


3. Eligibility & Entry Requirements

The Competition is a worldwide contest targeted at students and young professionals (hereafter the “Participants”). For purposes of the Competition, young professionals are those under the age of 30 or those having less than 10 years of relevant experience. 

Students of all disciplines registered in an accredited university of any course year and with a minimum of 16 (sixteen) years of age. Students may participate individually or as a team. Maximum two Participants (or Teams) per University can take part into the competition.

Employees from Solvay group or L’Oréal and Students currently taking part in an internship, apprenticeship or placement in the Solvay group or within L’Oréal are not eligible to participate in the Competition unless by the end of the Competition application period they are no longer placed in the Solvay group or within L’Oréal. In addition, Competition organizers must be notified of this circumstance at the time of the application.

Immediate family members (immediate family members include: spouse; parents and grandparents; children and grandchildren; brothers and sisters; mother-in-law and father-in-law; brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law; daughters-in-law and sons-in-law; adopted, half, and step members are also included) of Solvay group employees which are not, directly or indirectly, involved in the Competition are allowed to enter the same if they declare the name of said employee at the time of application. Failure to do so will invalidate their application and will lead to disqualification from the Competition at this, or any later stage.

More generally, Participants shall disclose any situation of existing or potential conflict of interest to the organizers at any time during or before entering the Competition. The Project Management Committee reserves the right to refuse participation or to disqualify at any time during the Competition any individuals or teams that do not comply with the above-described restrictions.


4. Application

The Participants will have to apply on the Competition registration page. By entering the Competition, Participants acknowledge and agree that video content created by the Participant may be used in the future.  

The Project Management Committee reserves the right to check the validity of the application information submitted by the Participants at any stage during the Competition and to ask for evidence of the information provided by the Participants.

The Project Management Committee also reserves the right to refuse participation of, or to disqualify, Participants at any time during the Competition.

Participants will have no recourse against disqualification decisions. All Participants must apply by 30 Sep 2021 at 23:59 CET.

Any Participant not correctly registered on the date given at that time, will not be able to participate further in the Competition.


5. Competition Stages and Timeline

The Competition starts on 1 Sep 2021. The winner will be announced at the end of January 2022. 

Competition briefing documents will be sent to all approved Participants. The briefing documents will include further details on the application description, main problems to overcome, deliverables and assessment criteria. The Project Management Committee may disclose additional information to the Participants during the course of the Competition.


6. Evaluation and Selection of Prize Winners

The Participants’ submission will be evaluated by a jury formed of experts from Solvay and its partners (hereafter the “Jury”).  The Jury’s decision on the selected finalists and winner shall be final.

The Jury’s decision will be based on the criteria set out in the briefing pack sent at the start of the Competition, unless afterwards modified by Solvay (in which case additional updated information shall be sent to the Participants)


7. Correspondence

All correspondence and material must be in English.

Any additional questions or comments concerning the Competition must be sent via e-mail to: 

However, no guarantee of an answer or an answer time may be given. Furthermore, Solvay reserves the right not to answer the question if it is judged that an answer would give an unfair advantage to certain Participants.

Participants who have received unofficial or content sensitive information relating to the Competition with the intent of allowing an unfair competitive advantage, from employees, interns, apprentices and trainees of any party involved with the Competition must immediately inform Solvay by e-mail:


8. Prizes

The winner will be awarded with a Ultimaker 2+ Connect printer and a high-profile tour of L'Oréal’s production facilities and a 5.000€ (five thousand euros) worth investment in one of the following possible ways:

  • Academic: to fund an academic purpose on additive manufacturing of Polymers.
  • Entrepreneurial: to be the seed investment in an entrepreneurial endeavor
  • Societal: to benefit a non-profit association

The Project Management Committee reserves the right to award additional ‘discretionary’ prizes to Participants during or at the end of the Competition.


9. Intellectual Property

Solvay, L'Oréal and Ultimaker shall own any printed part made by the Participants, and shall be free to use the same for any purpose.

In addition, any information obtained, and any result, including through test measurements performed on printing parts, as well as know-how generated by the Participants or any of Solvay, L'Oréal and Ultimaker during the Competition and emanating from the Competition, shall be owned by Solvay, L'Oréal and Ultimaker jointly. 

No other rights than those expressly provided under these Terms and Conditions are granted by Solvay, L'Oréal or Ultimaker, to the Participants, by implication or otherwise, under any intellectual property rights, including patents, designs, know-how, copyrights, proprietary information and trademarks


10. Confidentiality

For the purposes hereof, “Confidential Information” shall mean (i) any information of a technical or business nature disclosed directly or indirectly by Solvay, L'Oréal or Ultimaker, in whatever form, in relation to the Competition, and any information derived by the Participants therefrom, (ii) any material provided by Solvay, L'Oréal or Ultimaker in relation to the Competition, and any product made by the Participants therefrom, and (iii) any result obtained pursuant to the testing of any product made under (ii).

With regard to Confidential Information, the Participants shall: 

  1. hold the same in confidence using the same degree of care as they use for protecting their own confidential information of a like nature (but in no event less than a reasonable degree of care), including, by keeping in secure storage and reasonably separate from other information;
  2. not copy the same;
  3. not disclose or supply the same to any person except members of their team involved in the Competition; 
  4. not use, or in any way exploit for its benefit, the same except for the Competition; 
  5. not disassemble, analyze, or have others analyze, any material samples received from Solvay or any portions;
  6. Upon Solvay’s request and option, either return Confidential Information to Solvay, or destroy (or delete permanently in the case of digital or electronic media) the same, and all the Participants’ documents prepared by the Participants and embodying or utilizing any part of the same; and
  7. Upon termination of the Competition, and unless otherwise agreed between Solvay and any Participant, dispose of any remaining material samples and all portions thereof in a manner that does not reveal their identity or method of manufacturing and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to health, safety, and environment.

The Participants commit to obtain the fulfillment by any member of their team involved in the performance of the Competition, of any obligation incurred by the Participants hereunder. For such purpose, the Participants shall notify such persons of their obligations hereunder, and shall be responsible for any violation of the provisions hereunder by such persons


11. Personal Data

Any personal data of the Participants will be processed by Solvay in accordance with data protection laws enforceable in Germany.

The Participants agree and give their consent for Solvay to publish, in whatever form and media, the following information:

  • name
  • country of origin
  • university
  • description of the Competition objectives met and how
  • value of the prize received


12. Liability – Representations

Neither Solvay or Ultimaker or L’Oréal  can be held liable for any damages direct or consequential, caused to the Participants or to any third parties as a consequence or associated with the Competition. In addition, Solvay and/or Ultimaker and/or L’Oréal shall also not be held liable for any damage caused by any of the Participants.

The Participants represent and warrant that (i) any part provided to Solvay or Ultimaker or L’Oréal for the Competition has been made by the Participants themselves and the members of their team, without recourse to any external third party, and that (ii) to the best of their knowledge, the manufacture of any such part does not violate, infringe or misappropriate any intellectual property right of any third party


13. Claims and Disputes

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. Any change will be published on

The Competition and these terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Germany.

As permitted by law, the rights to litigate seek injunctive relief or to make any recourse to judicial or extrajudicial procedures in regard to the decision of the Jury and Solvay in relation to the Competition is hereby excluded. The Participants expressly agree to waive any and all such rights.