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We wish to provide our shareholders with a comprehensive understanding of our activities and of the attractiveness of investing in Solvay, an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company committed to innovating and developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges.

Thanks to its strong portfolio, Solvay partners with customers worldwide in many different markets. Its products are used in planes, cars, personal care products, batteries, electronic and medical devices, as well as in the mining and oil & gas industries, enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Its lightweighting materials foster cleaner mobility while its formulations optimize resource use and improve air and water quality.

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Solvay 2018 Results

How did we perform in 2018? Plain and simple: we delivered on our commitments. Discover the earnings video & Infographics to guide you through our 2018 results.

2018 Key figures

€2.2 bn

underlying, organic growth

Earnings per share


underlying, from continuing operations

€725 m
Free Cash Flow to Solvay Shareholders

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