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Our aims is to provide accurate information in a transparent, timely, and meaningful manner to accompany you in your understanding of Solvay business and strategy leading to a fair valuation by the market.

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Financial reporting

Solvay quarterly publishes results, financial reports, consensus and presentations to keep analysts and investors informed of the Group's performance. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about our publications.

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Solvay Annual Report

Our 2018 Annual Integrated Report explains how our employees across the world, through their constant commitment and expertise, strive to achieve the best and serve you, our stakeholders.

Laboratory of the Future, Bordeaux-Pessac

Our businesses

We operate a business model based on complementary activities with two specialty growth platforms - Advanced Materials and Advanced Formulations - backed up by a resilient cash contributor, Performance Chemicals, which enables us to generate capital to finance innovation.



Solvay upholds the commitment of its founder to science and innovation through a host of initiatives. Around the world, our 2,100  scientists focus their passion and their energies on developing sustainable solutions to tackle societal challenges.



Performance and responsibility are inseparable. We are convinced that sustainable development is a source of opportunities and value creation. Solvay Way traces our path to sustainable progress.