Major shareholders

Capital structure based on the latest declarations

Following the transparency declarations that are required for shareholdings exceeding the thresholds of 3 and 5% (and multiples thereof), Solvay's major shareholders are:

  • Blackrock Inc.
  • Solvac: With 30.71% of Solvay’s shares, Solvac is the main shareholder of Solvay. Solvac is listed on Euronext Brussels. Its shares, all of which are registered, may be held by physical persons only. The very large majority (around 80%) of its capital is held by members of the families of the founders of Solvay S.A. 
  • Solvay Stock Option Management: Solvac SA is presumed to exercise de facto control over Solvay SA, and thereby Solvay Stock Option Management, on the basis of Article 5, §3, 2nd para. of the Belgian companies code.


Shareholding declaration obligation

Solvay’s bylaws require any shareholder holding voting rights equal to 3% or more of the existing voting rights to declare this shareholding to the company and to the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). Any crossing above or below the first threshold of 3% and thereafter the threshold of 5%, 7.5% or any multiple of 5% is object to the above mentioned declaration.

According to the Belgian transparency legislation in force (Law of May 2, 2007 – Royal Decree of February 14, 2008), the denominator to take into account for the declaration is 105,876,416 shares.

All required information is available in the practical Guide CBFA_2008_16 of March 14, 2011 available on the website of the FSMA as well as the form to be used: TR-1 BE issued by the FSMA.

The form duly completed shall be transmitted electronically to:

  • The FSMA at: with the mention of the transmission date, the subject and the issuer name, and subsequently, for reasons of legal certainty, by fax to +32 2 220 59 12
  • Solvay at: and subsequently, for reasons of certainty, by fax to +32 2 264 38 90

For more information, please visit the FSMA website.