Being a shareholder of Solvay

The Solvay website and the Shareholders' Corner in particular give you access to a wide range of regularly updated information on the Group and its activity. Among the different features, you will have a direct access to the share price, the events calendar, press releases and presentations, in particular the Shareholders’ meeting, which can be watched on replay.

The Shareholders' corner is available in 3 languages(English, French & Dutch) whilst the rest of the website is only available in English.

Whether you are a shareholder of Solvay or not, you can subscribe to Solvay Investors’ Club

Created in 2014, Solvay Investors’ Club is dedicated to private investors who are particularly interested in the life of the Group and provides its members with a better understanding of Solvay, its businesses and activities.

To keep Club members updated with our latest news, we send:

  • the Shareholders' Guide and Letter
  • invitations to Solvay’s individual investors’ events 
  • emailings about the Group’s activities 
  • corporate press releases 
  • notification on the annual report publication
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Do you wish to receive those publications?

Shareholders' publications

We aim at providing actual and future shareholders of Solvay with a comprehensive view of the Group, its priorities, its attractiveness as investment, as well as information on how to daily manage your shares.

Every year, we publish an Annual Integrated Report filed with the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). This document is based on the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) standards. It presents, in a synthetic manner, the Group’s strategy for creating short, mid- and long-term value (financial and extra-financial) for the company and its stakeholders. It also encompasses full legal, business and accounting information about the company, in particular complete audited financial statements.

Financial notices are published quarterly and we advertise the Shareholders’ Annual Shareholders Meeting in the press.

To complete this range of supports, we publish a letter to shareholders that sheds light on our latest news and a quarterly infographics presenting key facts and figures on Solvay performance.

The Shareholders’ guide is published once a year and completes the dedicated range of publications.

Events & presentations to private investors

Solvay facilitates an open dialog with the investment community, thereby building a long-term relationship based on credibility and trust. Solvay aims to provide accurate information in a transparent, timely, and meaningful manner to accompany investors in their understanding of Solvay business and strategy leading to a fair valuation by the market.

This calendar is here to inform you of all important dates & presentations related to our retail activities: dividend timetable, presentations at conferences, annual reports and shareholders’ meetings.

Shareholders services 

Every shareholder can have access to clear, comprehensive, transparent information tailored to his or her individual needs through Solvay Investors’ Club, or through direct contacts with the investor relations team. In addition, Solvay’s Registered Share Management Service responds to all queries and requests for information and services.

You'll find answers to frequently asked questions in the share registration section. Additional requests for information can be addressed to the contacts displayed below.