2017 Second Quarter Earnings Highlights

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Another strong quarter with volume growth helped to propel strong EBITDA growth and record margins. Cash generation is sustained, with free cash flow from continuing operations at €85 million. We delivered improvement across all regions and all our segments.

Q2 2017 underlying EBITDA by segment

Corporate & Business Services included in EBITDA and 
is excluded from the pie chart as the contribution is negative.


Underlying EBITDA grew 22% to €356 million, with strong demand for high-performance polymers for car engines, a recovery of smart device market and positive growth of composites sales driven by the production ramp-up of the F-35 for military and the LEAP engine used in new single-aisle aircrafts.


Underlying EBITDA is established at €130 million, up 5% year on year, based on volume growth and the recovery in the North American oil & gas market. Higher raw material and fixed costs were partly offset by operational excellence initiatives.

performance chem

Underlying EBITDA rose a modest 1%, to €190 million. The supply contract for the new HPPO plant in Saudi Arabia offset one-time asset optimization in 2016. A relentless focus on cost optimization through operational excellence initiatives offset higher energy and raw material costs, as well as higher fixed costs. 


Underlying EBITDA was €82 million, up 57%, reflecting the volume increase and especially strong net pricing. Volume growth in automotive applications continued for polyamide 6.6 intermediates, polymers and engineering plastics.