Solar Impulse 2 successful completion of round the world flight

July 2016, back to Abu Dhabi, the departure and arrival host city. Powered exclusively by solar energy, Solar Impulse 2 completed its tour round the world initiated in March 2015, after covering more than 40,000 km, flowing over 2 oceans, breaking 8 world records.

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Solvay congratulates Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg for this extraordinary achievement, which marks the successfully closing of a project started 13 years ago.

The Group is extremely proud and honored to have been throughout all these years a partner in this visionary and far-flung project. The idea of designing, building and flying a zero-emission aircraft around the world was totally aligned with our unwavering commitment to develop transformative clean technologies that ease dependency on carbon-emitting fossil fuels.

It was yet another chance to demonstrate chemistry’s ability to "make the impossible possible" that we could not miss it!

“This project was particularly exciting to us because it echoes our Group’s mindset: being pioneers who contribute to make the impossible possible. The story is not over, because the technologies implemented by Solar Impulse are facing a bright commercial future. In addition, we will continue our efforts to promote clean technologies. Our Group aspires more than ever to remain a bridge between science and sustainable progress. Yes, we can ask more from chemistry!”, said Jean-Pierre Clamadieu in a letter addressed to both pilots.

Solvay teams' contribution to the adventure

Since 2003, our dedicated teams of scientists, engineers, dreamers and innovators have collaborated closely with like-minded individuals from Solar Impulse and leading technological partners to do away with convention. Fifteen Solvay products applied in more than 6,000 parts enable the storage and optimal consumption of energy and lightweight the solar plane – crucial elements that are helping to make this historic flight a success.  Moreover, Solvay supplied the composite materials for the wing spars and rear stabilizer parts.

"All limits of materials we have pushed further to make this plane fly, reinforce our belief that chemistry provides effective solutions for the sustainable development of our societies. Our Group aspires more than ever to remain a bridge between science and sustainable progress,” he added.
Almost all products that were developed for this “flying lab” are already available in our daily lives in markets ranging from automotive, aviation and aerospace to construction and smart devices. 

The end of the journey?

"The world of tomorrow will be built by bold dreamers who are not afraid to shake up ideas, able to think the world differently. Solar Impulse was also a fantastic human adventure, supported by a superb team: cohesive, persevering and inventive. Solar Impulse won the admiration of our own teams, as we have designated collaboration and innovation as key values for Solvay.", he added.
Of course the true journey of Solar Impulse has no finish line. The message it carries is one of enduring innovation, possibility, persistence and conviction. Tomorrow’s answers are within reach today. It just requires that we ask more...

The creation by the Solar Impulse Foundation of an International Committee of Clean Technology (ICCT), to unite and encourage initiatives, goes in that direction. 

Solvay fully subscribes to this desire to promote clean technologies and will support this approach.

Discover #Future Is Clean initiated by Solar Impulse.

Flight around the world