Solvay sustainable value creation model

Always at the cutting edge of science, Solvay has adapted throughout its history, stepping up this pace of change between 2012 and 2018. Strategic transactions (around 50, including acquisitions of companies, complementary technologies and divestments) have shifted the Group’s focus from traditional, high-volume products towards high-growth, high-value advanced materials and specialty chemicals, tailored to the needs of specific markets and customers.


Solvay sustainable value creation model


Innovation edge and Technology Portfolio

Innovating, working together, acting sustainably for society, being open and connected with the world has guided the repositioning of Solvay today. Our portfolio transformation has brought the Group business in cutting-edge markets including aerospace where our composite materials replace metals on key parts like wings, and smart devices where our materials are used to protect the camera or speakers. The new and existing customers Solvay supplies in these markets have evolved their ways of working and now require Solvay to be a solution provider and specialty producer delivering: rapid technological innovation, top-tier talent, personalized service and faster response times. They also expect the latest technological advances to be delivered as quickly as possible so that they can outperform their competition.


Customer and market leadership

We commit to be the lead provider of sustainable solutions for our customers. Achieving all this means building deep relationships with our stakeholders. Partnering with our customers to build sustainable value and innovative, tailored solutions. Partnering with other scientists, with business, with academic leaders to foster open innovation. Always aligning our expertise with the challenges facing our world.

Solvay R&I 2018 key figures
Solvay R&I 2018 key figures

 Talents and business culture

2018 was decisive in simplifying and streamlining our organization and processes to empower our people and accelerate innovation in 2019 and beyond.

We are more agile, more outward-looking, with a sharper focus on our customers’ needs across the Group, from the Board to the shop floor.

We also seized the opportunities of digitalization to build on the excellence that has always been one of Solvay’s strongest features, enhance employee experience, support us as we transform our culture, and bring innovation to our industrial processes.

Sustainable Chemistry & sustainable solutions

Solvay is committed to maximizing organic growth. And we are determined that these goals will not be met at the expense of the planet and its resources.

Our robust Solvay Way framework gathers all of our people on our sustainability journey and make sure that industrial relations and environmental matters are part of the Group’s strategy, operations and decision-making.

We have therefore set financial objectives to measure our performance and implemented extra financial targets for 2025: sustainable solutions, societal actions, safety, employee engagement and updated in 2018 our commitment to reducing GHG emissions by 1 million tons from a relative to an absolute measure.

In 2020, Solvay implements a new 2030 sustainability program, Solvay One Planet - an integral element of the G.R.O.W. strategy - directly aligned with Solvay’s vision to create sustainable shared value for all. It outlines 10 ambitious targets in 3 key areas: climate, resources and better life. To meet these goals, Solvay pledges to reallocate investments to promote sustainability within its portfolio, operations and workplace, and to drive superior long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

Because integrating sustainability into decision making drives superior financial value growth

50% of Solvay’s portfolio is now composed of Sustainable Solutions, which deliver higher volume growth on average compared to neutral or challenged solutions.

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