2015 General Shareholders' Meeting

  Outcome of Solvay’s General Shareholder Meeting Click to enlarge

On May 12, 2015, Solvay held its General Shareholders' Meeting. Shareholders voted in favor of all the proposed resolutions. More specifically, the shareholders approved the payment of a gross dividend of € 3.40 per share (€ 2.55 net per share) for the 2014 fiscal exercise. After deduction of the prepayment made on January 22, 2015 of € 1.3* per share (or € 1.00 on a net basis), the balance of the gross dividend will amount to € 2.06* per share (or € 1.55 on a net basis), payable on May 19, 2015.

* One point three repeating decimal; and Two point zero six repeating last decimal. Dividend payments rounded to the nearest Euro cent.

A webcast (mostly held in French and to a lesser extend in Dutch) is available through this link

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