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Mackaderm® LIA is a light emollient and a silicone alternative which is a key need in the hair and skin care market. This emollient performs similarly as silicones in key areas: soft and silky feeling in skin and shine & untied and lightweightness effect for hair. Mackaderm® LIA provides softness and ease of combing hair with lightweightness and no build-up over multiple applications, contrary to silicones it is also an excellent spreadability agent that eliminates the tackiness of oily ingredients in skin care products.

With 100% vegetable origin and COSMOS certification, Mackaderm® LIA addresses consumer concerns about sustainability, while contributing to making the whole sensorial experience of more pleasurable.

What are the main benefits to Mackaderm® LIA?

  • Natural silicone alternative
  • Light, non-greasy feeling
  • High spreading

What are the main features to Mackaderm® LIA?

  • Cosmos certified natural; 100% vegetable origin
  • Light Emollient

What are the main applications to Mackaderm® LIA?


  • Skin care lotions and creams
  • Skin serums & masks
  • Sunscreens


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Masks
  • Leave-on serums

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