Solvay Dental 360™

Accelerating Dentistry, Together

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The Solvay Dental 360™ polymer scientists worked alongside dental laboratories and dentists to ensure that Dentivera™ milling discs made from Ultaire™ AKP surpass the standards of current materials available in the market. Plus, you can leverage your existing software, equipment and laboratory staff.

Our Science. Your Art.

As an industry leader in high-performance polymers, Solvay Dental 360™ is committed to leading and revolutionizing the dentistry market. With our science and your art, we can offer unmatched solutions in operations, technical support, training and marketing – allowing you to reap all the rewards that Dentivera™ milling discs can bring to your business.

About Solvay Dental 360™

Solvay Dental 360™ is built upon Solvay’s world-leading high-performance polymer portfolio, which includes over 35 brands available in over 1,500 formulations for use in demanding applications, including medical devices, around the world. This extensive portfolio allows Solvay to offer the right polymer for the right application. We engineer products that meet critical performance requirements to address the unmet needs of medical professionals and patients.

Move Over, Metal

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Little has changed with removable partial dentures (RPDs) over the decades. Metal frames are still being used despite the fact that they are heavy, can damage remaining teeth, and may cause a metallic aftertaste. Plus, patients complain about the look of metal in their mouths.

Today, there is a new solution from Solvay Dental 360™ that changes the way labs, dentists and patients think about RPD frames.

Introducing the Dentivera™ milling disc made from Ultaire™ AKP

Ultaire™ AKP is an innovative, high-performance polymer that reduces the need for uncomfortable, unappealing metal RPDs. Milled from Dentivera™ milling discs, RPDs made from Ultaire™ AKP diminish the all-too-common pain points of metal for labs, dentists and patients alike.

Patient Advantages


Dental Lab Advantages

Increasingly, labs are moving toward digital dentistry. Ultaire™ AKP is custom-formulated to take full advantage of the digital workflow so you can meet the increasing demand to replace metal. Now, you can position your lab for the future. RPDs made from Ultaire™ AKP leverage the latest innovations in CAD/CAM software and milling technologies, allowing your lab to stay relevant, efficient, and grow profitably.


  • Support staff are available to answer questions.

  • Lab training and qualification are provided.

  • Comprehensive marketing materials are provided to educate and build
    awareness of RPD's made from Ultaire™ AKP with your dentists.