Jaguar® Range

Superior performance from a natural, renewable resource

Cyamopsis tetragonolobus L, Guar vegetableClick to enlarge
Solvay’s Jaguar series of native, cationic and hydroxypropyl-modified natural guar polymers provide hair & body care formulators with a full range of conditioning and texturizing features. 

What is guar?

  • The guar plant (Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba Taub) is an abundant and renewable resource. It mainly grows in dry and arid environments in India, Pakistan and in SW USA 
  • The inner part of the plant, called the endosperm, is extracted to provide galactomannan, a large polymeric molecule of high molecular weight, on the order 2-3 million g/mol 
  • With its numerous reactive –OH functions, the galactomannan can be reacted with different molecules to provide controlled modifying, and functional properties that create new molecules - Jaguar®

Key Hair Care attributes include

  Solvay launches Jaguar® OPTIMA, a naturally-derived conditioning solution offering exceptional performance in silicone-free and sulfate-free formulations! Click to enlarge
  • Increased deposition of modifying properties to hair 
  • Controlled delivery of water-insoluble substances 
  • Exceptional conditioning properties at lower usage levels 
  • Excellent wet/dry hair combing and detangling 
  • Improved "soft" hold properties 
  • Easier to manage, smoother hair feel 
  • Enhanced foam sensorial attributes

Key body cleansing attributes are:

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  • Reduce skin tightening caused by surfactants 
  • Restore skin’s pH buffering five times faster than other polymers 
  • Reduce skin irritation and redness by 30% over other cationic polymers 
  • Increase deposition of modifying properties to skin 
  • Controlled delivery of water-insoluble substances, such as soothing oils, moisturizers and emollients 
  • Soft, silky skin after-feel 
  • Enhanced foam sensorial attributes