Ryton® PPS - Applications


Ryton® PPS is an ideal choice for automotive parts exposed to high temperatures, automotive fluids, or mechanical stress. Typical applications include under hood components, brake systems, and electrical/electronic devices requiring high heat resistance, high dimensional stability, and corrosion resistance. Ryton® PPS is a lighter weight alternative to metals that is resistant to corrosion by salts and all automotive fluids. The ability to mold complex parts to tight tolerances and insert molding capability accommodate multiple component integration. See how Ryton® PPS can help you meet your fuel economy requirements, system integration goals and cost targets.

For more information on automotive material certifications and ASTM callouts, see Industry Certifications.

Air Management

Change air cooler housings, electronic throttle control, gasoline/diesel throttle body, hot air ducts, hot air inlets, intake manifolds, turbocharger components

R-4-200BL*Toughness, High strengthWeight reduction, hollow components, smooth internal surface, reduced manufacturing cost.
BR111BL*Dimensional stability, Creep resistance
XK2340Impact resistance
Brake Systems

ABS brake pistons, ABS brake sensor, ABS motor components, booster pistons, electric brakes, ESC - connecting plunger, vacuum pump components, valve bodies

BR111BL*Dimensional Stability, Creep ResistanceTemperature and chemical resistance
R-7-120BL*Dimensional Stability, Creep Resistance
R-4-200BL*Toughness, High Strength
Electrical/Electronics Components

Alternator components, brush holder for motors, bus bars, connectors, housings, ignition components, lead frames, motor components, resolvers, sensors, switches, terminals

R-4-200BL*Toughness, High strengthPrecision moldability, flame retardancy, good electrical properties, thermoset replacement, thermal shock resistance.
BR111BL*Dimensional stability, Creep resistance
R-7-120BL*High voltage, low cost
BR42BLubricity, Low friction
XK2340High flow, elongation
XE5030BLImpact resistance
Emissions Technology

EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), EGR valves, EGR solenoids, SCR (selective catalytic reduction)

R-4-200BL*Toughness, High strengthWeight reduction, hollow components, smooth internal surface, reduced manufacturing cost.
BR111BL*Dimensional stability, Creep resistance
XK2340Impact resistance
Engine Components

Camshafts, component housings, deactivator, engine mounts, gasket carriers, heat shield, seal housings, throttle body

R-4-200BL*Toughness, High strengthMetal replacement, weight reduction, reduced manufacturing cost.
BR111BL*Dimensional stability, Creep resistance
XK2340Impact resistance
Fuel Systems

Filter housings, fuel injectors, fuel line connectors/quick connects, fuel pump caps, fuel pump impellers, fuel rails, injector bobbins, low-permeation evaporation harnesses

R-4-200BL*Toughness, High strengthImproved corrosion resistance, reduced manufacturing cost, weight reduction.
BR111BL*Dimensional stability, Creep resistance
XK2340Impact resistance
XE5030BLImpact resistance, Elongation

Projector headlight reflector , sockets

R-7-120BL*Dimensional Stability, Creep Resistance

Engine gasket carriers, lock-up collars, seal housings, servo covers, servo pistons, shift cams/forks, stators

BR111BL*Dimensional Stability, Creep Resistance

Air pumps, fuel pumps, fuel pump end caps, fuel pump impellers, oil pumps, oil pump vanes, vacuum pumps, vacuum pump vanes, water pumps, water pump housings, water pump impellers

BR111BL*Dimensional stability, Creep resistance, StrengthPrecision moldability, metal replacement, weight reduction, reduced manufacturing cost (no machining, reduced secondary operations).
R-4-200BL*Toughness, High strength
R-7-220BLStrength, Hydrolytic stability
R-4-220BL*Hydrolytic stability
Thermal Management

Coolant systems, coolant tube, crossover/connector, flow meters, heater core tanks, thermostat housing, water pump cap, water pump impellers

R-4-200BL*ToughnessCorrosion resistance, precision mold ability, metal replacement, weight reduction.
R-4-220BL*Hydrolytic stability
R-7-120BL*Dimensional stability, Creep resistance
R-7-220BLStrength, Hydrolytic stability
BR42BLubricity, low wear
Transmission Components

Servo pistons, servo covers, shifting mechanisms, thrust washer, transmission sensor

R-4-200BL*Toughness, High StrengthMetal replacement, weight reduction, reduced manufacturing cost.
R-7-120BL*Dimensional Stability, Creep Resistance
XK2340Impact resistance

* Designation is for black color; equivalent grade is available in natural.


Ryton® PPS offers superb value for your electrical/electronic applications. It features excellent flow and low shrinkage for precision molding of connectors and sockets, superior stiffness and mechanical integrity for reliable assembly, and is one of the most stable material choices for all SMT soldering methods. Ryton® PPS compounds have UL94 V-0 flammability ratings without the use of flame retardant additives. Special low flash grades have been developed to meet the needs of high precision molding applications. Let Ryton® PPS help you meet the design challenge for reliable, high precision electrical devices and electronic components.


Connectors: 3 in 1 combo, AGP, SCSI, PATA, SATA, SAS, hard disc drives, fiber optic, telecom, aerospace, transportation and surface mount.

R-4-200NA*High Strength, weld lineStable at IR and lead-free convection soldering temperatures, cost effective, superior pin retention, UL 94 V-0, good flow, low out- gassing, creep resistance and dimensional stability.
R-4-230NA*High flow, low flash
BR42BLow friction

PLCC, BGA locking arm, PGA, DIMM, burn-in, test fixtures, through hole and surface mount.

R-4-200NA*High Strength, weld lineStable at IR and convection soldering temperatures, superior pin retention, cost effective, UL 94 V-0, good flow and superior weld-line strength vs. LCP.
R-4-230NA*High flow, low flash
BR42BLow friction
Relays/Switches/Circuit Breakers

High temperature housings, insulating components, wiring devices, and micro-switches.

R-4-200NA*High Strength, weld lineExcellent high temperature dimensional stability, high modulus, cost effective versus thermosets, good electrical properties, fast cycling, high creep resistance.
R-4-230NA*High flow, low flash
R-7-120NA*Low cost
BR111*High strength, low cost
BR42BWear resistance

Transistors, capacitors, sensors. Multi-chip modules, potting cups, power converters, NEMA housing.

R-4-200NA*High Strength, weld lineFast cycling, good adhesion, very low moisture absorption, cost effective, UL 94 V-0, high creep resistance, lead free solder stable.
R-4-230NA*High flow, low flash
R-7-120NA*Low cost

Microwave, power control modules, printer heads.

R-4-220NA*Hydrolytic stabilityGood dimensional stability, high stiffness and strength, low moisture absorption.
R-7-120NA*Low cost
R-7-121NA*Low cost, high flow
Consumer Electronics

HDD and server, ACA over molds, and bobbins, CD/DVD optical pick-up components, HDTV and projection light engine housings, and ink jet cartridges.

R-4-230NA*Low flash, UL/UV F1High dimensional stability, precision moldability, low out gassing, UL 94 V-0 and 240°C UL RTI, low moisture absorption, good weld line strength and cost effective.
R-4XT*Elongation, ductility
R-7-120NA*Light axis stable
BR111*Light axis stable

* Designation is for natural color; equivalent grade is available in black.


The unique combination of properties inherent in Ryton® PPS find utility in a variety of heavy industrial applications, including some outside the arena of reinforced injection molding compounds. The thermal stability and broad chemical resistance of Ryton® PPS make it exceptionally well suited to service in very hostile chemical environments. Besides molded parts, Ryton® PPS polymer finds unique applications in fiber extrusion as well as in non-stick and chemical resistant coatings. We also provide a wide variety of neat PPS polymers as feedstocks for custom compounding and compression molding processes. Consider how Ryton® PPS can meet your demanding performance requirements.


Non-stick cookware, corrosion resistant industrial

Chemical ResistanceChemical and temperature resistance

Filter bags, braided sleeving, dryer belts, filters

Chemical ResistanceChemical and temperature resistance
Oil Field Equipment

Lift and centrifugal pump components, oil patch drop ball, rod guides, rod scrapers

R-4-200BLChemical ResistanceChemical and temperature resistance

Housing, vanes, impellers, shafts

R-7-120BLHot Water / Chemical ResistanceHot water, chemical and temperature resistance
BR42BLow Friction

Diverters, ball valves, seats/seals

BR42BLow FrictionHot water and temperature resistance


Ryton® PPS is the answer for many difficult production, design, and performance considerations. Ease of processing and recyclable scrap allow for part consolidation, more efficient manufacturing, and material savings. Ryton® PPS produces more reliable parts using less material by offering a combination of high temperature stability, excellent mechanical strength and dimensional integrity, along with resistance to corrosion by common solvents, caustic solutions, and dilute acids. Discover how the combination of processability and performance provided by Ryton® PPS can generate a cost savings compared to using metals, thermosets, or other engineering materials.

Pump Housings/Impellers

Pump housings, impellers and impeller sleeves, bearings, bearing seats

R-4-200NA*Dimensional StabilityLow creep, highly reproducible parts, excellent dimensional stability under stress, temperature and chemical exposure, excellent ceramic/metal replacement.
R-4-220NA*Hot Water Stability
BR111*High strength, Low cost
R-7-220BLStrength, Hot Water Stability
BR42BLow Friction
Electrical / Electronic Components

High temperature circuit breakers, relay housings, connectors, bobbins, coil encapsulation

R-7-120NA*High UL RatingsUL 94 V-0, good electrical properties, fast cycling, thermoset replacement, excellent weld line strength, low moisture absorption.
R-4-200NA*Strength in thin walls
R-4-230NA*High flow, Low flash
Motor Brush Cards

Brush holders, electronic brush cards, fractional HP motor end rings

R-4-200NA*High strengthUL 94 V-0 up to 5VA, good electrical properties, excellent processability, high temperature exposure.
R-4-230NA*High flow, Low flash
R-7-120NA*Low Cost
Fans & Blowers

Brush holders, electronic brush cards, fractional HP motor end rings

R-4-200NA*High strengthMetal replacement for material cost and weight savings.
BR111*Dimensional stability
R-7-120NA*Low Cost
Small Appliances

Electric blanket thermostat control, fry pan handles, hair dryer grill, coffee warmer rings, curling iron insulators, steam iron valves, toaster switches

R-7-120BLDimensional stability
Heat Exchangers

Flue collectors, flue covers, venturi pipes, flow meter housings, transition pipe

R-4-200NA*High strengthMetal replacement, cost savings, high mechanical strength and dimensional stability during thermal cycling.
BR111*High strength, Low cost
R-7-120NA*Low cost
V-1 CoatingsChemical Resistance
Thermostat Housings

Thermostat housings, air gas and water valves, electric heat element screw plug

R-4-200NA*High strengthInsert molding, metal replacement, integration of parts, dimensional stability over wide thermal extremes.
R-4-220NA*Hot water stability
BR111*Strength, Low cost
R-7-220BLStrength, Hot Water Stability
Water Management

Hot water valves, mixer cartridges, hot water manifolds

R-7-120BLBS 6920 certifiedDimensional, thermal, and hydrolytic stability, chemical resistance.
R-4-220NA*NSF Standard 61
R-4-200NA*BS 6920 certified
BR111BLKTW/BS 6920 certified
Business Machines

Printer paper guards, copier gears, fax machine heads, medical/scientific instruments

R-7-120NA*Dimensional stability

Blower housing, compressor mufflers, flue collector, secondary heat exchanger header, fuel oil pumps, hot water circulation components, motor relays/switches, power vent components, thermostat components

R-4-200NA*Dimensional stabilityThermal stability, chemical resistance, dimensional stability
BR111*Thermal stability

Reflector housing, socket bases, ballast components

R-7-120NA*Dimensional stabilityDimensional and thermal stability, metal and thermoset replacement for material cost and weight savings
Major Household

Motor brush holders, dryer switches, defroster plugs, washer pump impellers, terminal blocks, microwave oven turntables

R-7-120NA*Dimensional stability

*Designation is for natural color; equivalent grade is available in black