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Ryton® PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) delivers exceptional inherent thermal stability, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and flame resistance, combined with excellent mechanical and electrical properties. Ryton® PPS injection molding compounds also possess the excellent processing characteristics necessary to meet demanding, high precision applications.

Design & Processing Guides

Ryton® PPS Design Guide

Ryton® PPS Processing Guide

Ryton® PPS Processing Guide for High-Performance Fibers

Technical Bulletins

Blending Color Concentrates with Ryton® PPS

Bonding Adhesives and Paints to Ryton® PPS

Comparison of Ryton® PPS Types

Drying Solvay Specialty Polymers Resins

Extending Tool Life Through Abrasion Resistant Steels and Surface Treatments

Heat Staking of Ryton® R-4 and Ryton® R-7

Importance of Mold Temperature on the Properties of PPS Parts

Machining Ryton® PPS Compounds

Processing Comparison of Ryton® PPS R, BR, XE and XK grades

Ryton® PPS High-Temperature, Non-Stick, Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Ryton® PPS Injection Molding

Ryton® PPS Resistance to Hot Chlorinated Water

Ryton® PPS XE Injection Molding

Ryton® PPS XE Pipe Extrusion

Ryton® PPS XE Sheet Extrusion

Ryton® PPS XE Tube Extrusion

Ryton® PPS XK Injection Molding

Screw and Barrel Construction for Injection Molding Ryton® PPS

Ultrasonic Welding Ryton® PPS Compounds

Technical Data Sheets

Ryton® PPS Polymers
P-6PR11LPPS powders for high temperature chemical resistant coatings; slurry spray, electrostatic spray, flocking or fluidized bed application.
QA200NQA200PUnfilled PPS for Injection Molding
QC160NQC160PUnfilled PPS for Profile Extrusion
QC220NQC220PPPS Resins for Heat and Chemical Resistant Staple and Monofilament Fiber Spinning
QC200NQC200PPPS Resins for Heat and Chemical Resistant Monofilament Fiber Spinning
Ryton® Glass Fiber and Mineral Filled PPS Compounds
BR111BR111BLCreep resistance, high hodulus, dimensional stability.
R-7-120NAR-7-120BL220°C/240°C UL RTI, arc resistance, lower cost, dimensional stability.
R-7-121NAR-7-121BL220°C/240°C UL RTI, arc resistance, lower cost, dimensional stability, good flow.
R-7-220BLHydrolytic Stability, Creep Resistance, High Modulus, Dimensional Stability.
Ryton® 40% Glass Fiber Reinforced PPS Compounds
BR42BLow friction, high wear resistance.
R-4R-4-02General purpose.
R-4-200NAR-4-200BLEnhanced strength and toughness.
R-4-220NAR-4-220BLExceptional resistance to hot water and engine coolants.
R-4-230NAR-4-230BLLow flash, high flow, good strength.
R-4-232NAHigh flow, low flash; Meets requirements for food contact.
R-4-240NAR-4-240BLEnhanced toughness; Stress crack resistance.
R-4XTR-4-02XTImproved strength.
Ryton® PPS Alloy Compounds
XE4050BLHigh impact strength, good thermal stability.
XE5030BLHigh impact strength, high flow, good thermal stability.
XE5515BLBlow molding and extrusion.
XK2340High strength, exceptionally high flow, precision molding.