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Even the best first-generation surfacing films yield surface imperfections that require follow-on activities to obtain a paint-ready surface. The filling and sanding required to prep these materials adds labor cost and processing time to part manufacture. In addition, properties of first generation films such as tack and shop life may not be optimal for efficient manufacturing which results in added labor and material costs.

Solvay delivers a way to reduce all these costs with SURFACE MASTER® composite surfacing films. SURFACE MASTER® surfacing films reduce surface defects by 95 percent or more compared to other surfacing materials and offer superior handling properties that make manufacturing easier. With its superior performance and wide range of available weights and product forms, SURFACE MASTER® surfacing films have become the industry standard for composite material surfacing. 


  • Eliminates surface imperfections to reduce costs associated with filling and sanding composite surfaces

  • Improves manufacturing efficiency with optimized tack, improved mold release-ability and extended shop life reduce scrap rates, lower lay-up time and reduce material costs

  • Works with a variety of prepregs and processing cycles