Sipomer® PAM

Adhesion and much more

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Sipomers are efficient specialty monomers added during emulsion polymerization to improve performance in adhesives and architectural and industrial coatings applications.

Features & Benefits

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  • Enhanced binder robustness
  • Adhesion to substrates 
  • Improved perfomance                       

Sipomer® PAM 600

Adhesion and more…..

Adhesion on glass  corrosion control

Sipomer® PAM 600 is designed to answer the needs of the coatings market for enhanced adhesion on variety of difficult substrates such as aluminum, cold steel, glass, concrete, wood and inorganic surfaces.


  • Excellent adhesion on metal, glass and other inorganic substrates
  • Improved corrosion resistance                
  • Improved scrub resistance
  • Can be used as a sole or co-emulsifier  for different polymer systems (mainly for acrylic and styrene/acrylic systems)
  • Fewer defects linked to conventional surfactants such as water sensitivity, foaming, etc.
Sipomer® PAM 600 offers exceptional adhesion onto difficult substrates such as aluminum, cold-rolled steel, wood, concrete and other difficult substrates. 


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  • Low foaming 
  • APE-free
  • High mono/di ester ratio with low residual acid
  • User friendly – easy to handle
  • Easy to incorporate


  • Recommended for waterborne coatings, including industrial coatings, coil, DTM, architectural paints, as well as for specialty adhesives and inks
  • Works well in waterborne polymer systems such as acrylic and styrene acrylic systems
  • Typical use levels 0.5-2.0 % on total BOTM (based on total monomer)