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SolvaLite™ is Solvay’s range of thermoset composites specifically developed for high volume automotive applications. This product range is ideal of automotive primary and secondary structural applications.

SolvaLite™ products were developed  to offer:

  • Fast cures

  • Outstanding mechanical properties

  • Compatibility with automated processes

  • Compatibility with existing infrastructures at OEMs

The SolvaLite™ range includes:

ProductsProducts formReinforcementTg (DMA Onset) F(C)Application
SolvaLite™ 23Press PrepregGlass fiberLow: 170 (77)Secondary structures
SolvaLite™ 710-1Press PrepregCarbon or glass fiberHigh: 302 (150)BIW structures / closures
SolvaLite™ 730Press PrepregCarbon fiberMedium: 266 (130)BIW structures
SolvaLite™ 750HP-RTM resinCarbon fiberMedium: 284 (140)BIW structures
SolvaLite™ 760Filament windingCarbon fiberMedium: 257 (125)BIW structures