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ETFBO: a molecule for more effective crop protection products and pharmaceuticals 

ETFBO is a new synthetic building block containing fluorine. Compounds containing such building blocks reach cells easier and are therefore more effective.


Why do you need ... NOCOLOK®? 

NOCOLOK® is indispensable as a flux for brazing aluminium components, especially in the automotive and in HVAC industries. It dissolves the natural oxide layer of the aluminium surface and allows a durable, solid joining of the aluminium parts.


The NOCOLOK Flux Smartphone App for Aluminium Brazing 

Comprehensive knowledge in pocketsize format for all users in the aluminium industry is now available free of charge in the App Store and the Android Market under the name NOCOLOK®. 


NOCOLOK® Always on Top!

Active Surface Finishing: NOCOLOK® Li Flux, the new brazing agent from Solvay Fluor.


F1EC for Lithium Ion Batteries 

Monofluoroethylene carbonate (F1EC) is a Solvay Fluor development. It's used as a solvent and as an additive in lithium ion batteries. F1EC protects the batteries from overheating during fast charging, increases the life span and safety.


Climate Protection with Solvay Products

Products from the chemical industry are helping the environment.