Govanil®: innovative functional food solution

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As the 2013 Best Product Innovation, Govanil® is part of a new generation of functional formulation. Launched in 2012 and built on Solvay's historical expertise in food markets, Govanil® provides strong processability advantages and applicative benefits thanks to a unique patented CRF™ technology.

Combined with an outstanding intense top note, this functional food solution instantly reveals an overall long lasting taste. Thanks to its high sensory qualities, this solution also provides easy implementation in Bakery products, Pastries, Cookies, Cakes, Chocolates and High Protein Nutrition.

Dedicated to Food professionals, Govanil® has been specially designed for applications requiring unique taste sensations and easy implementations. This vanillin based formulation  can also be adapted according to different needs all over the world.

Anticipate vanillin based solutions trends with Govanil®


Govanil® clearly anticipates food industry trends (health and nutrition), taste reinsurance, natural food). Govanil® is a combination of an intense vanilla note and a long-lasting profile. It masks off-note and significantly enhances wide ranges of other notes such as chocolate, butter, egg and caramel:

• More than 20% intensity  VS other vanillin-based formulations
Strong differentiation profile in many recipes
• Touches of fruity, caramel and vanilla notes
• Exceptional cocoa taste booster
• Off-notes masking in weight management, silver nutrition or sports performance applications
• Outstanding easy-to-use solution with optimal physicochemical properties
• Ensuring Food Safety: produced in a FSSC 22000 certified production site