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PROCrop is an innovative formulation based on sodium bicarbonate to efficiently combat agricultural parasites in empty grain silos without using pesticides. 

The conjunction of sodium bicarbonate and mineral chemicals creates a barrier that blocks access to feed for insects.

This solution, combining ingredients that are certified as food additives:

  • is non dangerous
  • acts as a physical barrier
  • is neurotoxic free and leaves no pesticide after treatment 

It is moreover eco-friendly and approved for use in organic farming. 


PROCrop  is: 
  • Effective: the parasites studied were neutralized and did not develop any resistance to the product;
  • Long-lasting: this 100% inorganic solution is not subject to evaporation and remains effective long term;
  • Easy to apply: the suspension can be applied on surfaces with any spraying equipment.

This makes PROCrop an efficient and competitive alternative to conventional insecticides.