Rhodafac® ASI

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Rhodafac® ASI is an efficient corrosion inhibitor for:

  • Ferrous metals
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium and their alloys

Main applications are soluble oils, synthetic fluids and cleaners. All Rhodafac® ASI grades are REACH registered. 

Rhodafac® ASI is our customers' choice for readily biodegradable, thermally-stable corrosion inhibitor for industrial applications. 
Its key features also include:
  • Easy to formulate: Rhodafac® ASI can simply be added to the metal working fluid concentrates
  • Effective at low dosage, the recommended treat rate can be 1-5%
  • Rhodafac® ASI does not alter fluid properties, but does improve lubrication properties

Rhodafac® ASI is commercially available in different active concentrations and/or solvents:

    Rhodafac® ASI 100Rhodafac® ASI 100PRhodafac® ASI 80Rhodafac® ASI 80BC
    Rhodafac® ASI 80ERhodafac® ASI 75Rhodafac® ASI 50Rhodafac® ASI 30
    Solvay Novecare also offers Rhodafac® VPA (vinyl phosphonic acid) and Rhodafac® LPA (lauryl phosphonic acid).