Advanced Lightweight Material Solutions

Boost fuel economy and reduce emissions while maintaining safety and performance

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High-performance polymers for automotive

Solvay is focused on helping global automotive OEMs meet upcoming CO2 and tailpipe emissions standards by improving powertrain efficiency through engine downsizing and transmission down-speeding, increasing the electrification of their vehicles, lightweighting, and reducing fuel consumption. 

Our broad selection of specialty polymers for automotive offer stability at temperature extremes, broad chemical resistance, and exceptional dimensional stability, making them ideal for

  • Thermal and air management
  • Transmission and launch devices 
  • Electronics and lighting
  • Traction motors and power electronics 
  • Fuel and SCR systems
  • Structural and semi-structural, lightweighting
  • Chassis, braking and steering


Long fiber thermoplastics (LFT)

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Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics are a range of materials that bridge the gap between traditional fiber reinforced compounds and composites. These products are easily processed in a standard injection molding process, yet achieve a far higher mechanical performance than traditional short fiber compounds. 

Key advantages 

  • High strength, particularly at high temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to long-term loads and highly fatigue resistant
  • Isotropic mechanical properties and isotropic shrinkage
  • High shear strength and high burst pressure
  • Excellent surface finish
  • High notched impact, even at minus temperatures

Structural and insulative foam

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TegraCore™ PPSU foam is based on Radel® polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), an incredibly tough thermoplastic with a long history of success in structural and decorative aircraft interior components. It exhibits exceptionally high damage tolerance, excellent thermal and acoustic insulative properties, and the ability to withstand prolonged exposure to water, chemicals, and temperature extremes.

Key Properties 

  • Exceptional damage tolerance 
  • Thermal and acoustic insulative properties
  • Very stable mechanical properties to 180°C (356°F)  
  • Strong chemical resistance 
  • Low moisture absorption 

Prepregs and Resins

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SolvaLite™ 730 is a next-generation, sub 60 seconds cure technology for automotive applications. This evolutionary prepreg resin system offers very high flexibility in processing and enables the efficient manufacturing of different types of components at high rates.

MTM® 710-1 is a rapid cure epoxy resin prepreg  matrix developed specifically for high volume production automotive components using compression molding (press curing) processes. Depending upon the cure temperature, MTM® 710-1 can be used to manufacture components with a total cycle time of 3 minutes. 

UV Stabilizers

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Polymers usually age during exposure to light, oxygen and heat. Stabilizers are used to combat this degradation and extend the polymer part's appearance and life by protecting against loss of strength, stiffness, flexibility and gloss in a myriad of industries and applications.

Solvay leads the way in satisfying the stabilization needs in applications like automotive, coatings and agricultural film via its CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® family of stabilizers. With our innovative technologies and market expertise, we will collaborate with your team to identify the right product to meet your exact performance requirements.