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High-performance Polymers for Orthopedic Implantable Devices and Surgical Procedures

Solvay offers the broadest selection of high-performance, medical-grade thermoplastics for limited exposure applications having less than 24 hours contact with bodily fluids and tissue. Solvay also offers Zeniva® PEEK and other Solviva® Biomaterials for long-term exposure applications that are in contact for more than 24 hours.

As a leading supplier of Specialty Polymers for Healthcare for over 30 years, we also offer the technical and regulatory support that medical device manufacturers need from a trusted partner.

What alternatives are there to PC and PEI? Learn how Sulfones compare in this Polymer Insights Webinar.

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Polymer Insights: PC, PEI and Sulfones for Transparent Medical Applications

PC, PEI and PPSU are well-known transparent polymers for medical applications and represent an established good-better-best array of properties and values. But what about other high-performance options which may broaden the playing field? PSU and PESU bridge the gap in between key material attributes, such as: continuous service temperature; sterilization and heat resistance; chemical compatibility and mechanical performance. 

In this half-hour webinar, our technical expert will explain data comparisons and case studies so you can learn how selecting the right sulfone polymer can increase design flexibility and strengthen your supply chain. 

Solvay’s Zeniva® PEEK Enables a Durable All-Polymer Knee Implant from Okani

SpP-Okani-all-polymer-knee-badgeOkani Medical Technology, a China-based pioneer in artificial joint applications, developed its ORGKnee™ all-polymer knee implant, which leverages Solvay’s Zeniva® polyetheretherketone (PEEK) for the femoral and tibial tray components. Test simulations of the implant indicate that Solvay’s material helped reduce wear by 50 percent versus a metal implant as measured by material loss over 3 million cycles.  (Photo courtesy of Okani Medical Technology)

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Okani will detail these findings and others in two presentations scheduled for Monday, March 12 in Room Celestin D-E during the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) 2018 Annual Meeting  |  Download the program

  • Session 29 on Osteolysis and Adverse Soft Tissue Reaction
    10:25 am:  Peek Knee: In-Vivo and In-Vitro Studies

  • Session 39 on Implant Materials
    2:35 pm:  In Vitro Effects of the Wear Particles of Highly Cross-Linked Polyethylene, Polyether-Ether-Ketone, and Cobalt-ChromiumMolybdenum on Serum Cytokine Profiles and T-Cell Responses

Okani selected Zeniva® PEEK for the material’s success in spinal implant applications, as well as Solvay’s reputation for partnering with highly innovative medical device companies. Similar orthopedic applications announced by Solvay include:

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Solvay’s Ixef® PARA Enables ECA’s Single-Use Surgical Instrument Set for Use in One- and Two-Level Cervical Spine Implant Procedures

SpP-HC-ECA-Cervical-One-kit-badgeSolvay’s high-performance Ixef® polyarylamide (PARA) resin enabled ECA Medical Instruments to develop its Cervical-One™ single-use surgical instrument set for use in one- and two-level cervical spine implant procedures. Compared to reusable metal instruments, ECA’s single-use instruments can eliminate reprocessing costs, enhance operating room efficiency, streamline hospital and ASC inventory management, and play a significant role in eliminating the root causes of surgical site infections. (Photo courtesy of ECA Medical Instruments).

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Compared to reusable instrumentation, single-use instrument systems like ECA’s can eliminate reprocessing costs, enhance operating room efficiency, streamline hospital and ASC inventory management, and play a significant role in eliminating the root causes of surgical site infections. 

Despite concerns that single-use surgical instruments may have a negative impact on the environment vs. reusable metal tools, a study Solvay conducted in conjunction with Medacta International and Swiss Climate countered these perceptions. Read more about the study.

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